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Skin Care

The Natural World® Manuka Honey skincare collection.

We are proud to state all The Natural World® Manuka Honey skincare products are made with Manuka Honey that has been tested to show a minimum 90% Manuka Pollen count, which more than exceeds the required Manuka pollen percentage.

What this means:

The creation of honey begins with bees collecting the nectar of a flower, which is then broken down by the bees into simple sugars and stored in honey combs.

Next a process takes place to thicken the liquid into the form we call honey.

Due to the collection process of nectar it would be almost impossible to have a honey derived purely from one type of flower, for this reason the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has developed criteria for determining whether a honey can be labelled monofloral.

There are two main methods for defining Manuka Honey in New Zealand, methylglyoxal activity (MG content) and a specified level of pollen (pollen count).

For a honey to be classified as Manuka Honey, when using the pollen count method, it must be made from a minimum of 70% Manuka Pollen.


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